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Takedown Requests: All of the media on this site, unless explicitly specified, have been taken from the public domain.  The same applies true for my Instagram page as well here.

There is however, the rare possibility that the public domain sites may have had images not released to the public. If you (or somebody you legally represent) are the owner of any media, please send me an email with details of the exact media used as well as relevant proof of copyright ownership. I’ll have it taken down within 2 weeks. Feel free to contact me.


If you were intending to use my articles, don’t be disheartened by the above. Copyright restrictions have a tendency to badly affect the law abiding people while the criminals don’t bother about it at all.

Therefore, while I remain the holder of the copyright of all articles in this blog, if you wish to use the content posted on, you can most certainly use them with some restrictions. If you wish to use the complete article, please send me an email requesting to use the specific article(s) as well as the purpose you want to use it for. I’ll review your request and if it seems fair to me, I will grant you permission to use my articles. Don’t worry about money, because I won’t charge you a single cent for my permission. Also, don’t worry about having to wait for a long time to get my permission (or that I will simply delete your mail).  You will get a reply regarding this within a few days and most certainly in less than a week.

All I ask in return is for you to:

  1. Credit me as the sole and original author.
  2. Not use the articles for commercial purposes.
  3. Not modify the content in any way.
  4. Leave a clearly visible, suitable and appropriate link to the specific article or so that more people can discover this blog.

I’m sure that none of  the above is ‘unreasonable’.

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