A Rough Idea of the Perfect Day

If there is one thing I’ve talked about a lot, it is the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect day.

I’ve pointed out how life doesn’t really have any perfect plan to it, and that it’s all a giant free for all.


As much as the above holds true, I will let you in on a little secret about life …

And it is this …

There is such a thing as a perfect day.

But it’s not really ‘perfect’ in the traditional sense.

On the contrary, it’s about the way life works and applying that which you have observed, into a single day.


Here is what I am getting to.

Think about everything that you do in life, and I do mean everything …

Some of the many things that you do are,

  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Pray
  • Work to make money
  • Travel
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Do charity
  • Spend time on hobbies
  • Watch TV
  • Play sports, video games or engage in other forms of entertainment.
  • Have sex with your partner
  • Read the newspaper
  • Do nothing important at all
  • Make memories
  • On and on and on …

In other words, there is a whole lot of stuff that you do in life, from morning until night.

And that’s where the secret is.


If you can find a way to do a little bit of everything every single day, you will be able to enjoy a perfect day.

That way, you can’t say that you missed out on anything, or that you weren’t able to ‘figure life out’.

On the contrary, you would have done everything that exists in the context of possibility.

And that’s the little secret about life.


So if you want to know what the ‘perfect day’ is like …

Just do a little bit of everything in a sustainable way.

If you can manage to do it all every day, you will be able to do enjoy ‘perfect days’ for a very long time …

… and consequently, a perfect life in the long run.

Good Luck!

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