The Journey is the Reward

I had talked about this in an article that I had written earlier, but I will talk about it once again, only from a different perspective.


Are you searching for the big reward in life?

If you are like most people in the world, it is very likely that you’re searching for the elusive reward of life.

This is something that I am certainly guilty about. I have spent more time than I can imagine trying to figure out what this reward is. Sadly, I was never able to figure it out.


It would take a while before I started to make sense of it all.

What made me realize it was a passage from the Bible from the book Ecclesiastes, where it states ‘All is Vanity’ in the world. What it meant was that everything was pointless and it was in that very moment that everything ‘fit’ together.

Everything in the world was vanity. To put it differently, everything that people did in the world, without any exception, was pointless in nature. There was absolutely no real meaning in anything in the world that people chased, be it knowledge, wisdom, wealth, pleasure or anything else.

When I first came across this verse from the Bible, I was surprised by what I had read. All my life, I had been busy searching for that reward in life. But sadly, I wasn’t able to figure it out. And here was the Bible telling me that LITERALLY EVERYTHING in the world was pointless!

The initial reaction of mine to this proverb was actually depression and loss of enthusiasm for life. After all, my search for that reward in life was shot down with one simple verse, which stated that everything is pointless in nature. There was nothing in the world that one could consider a ‘reward’, because ‘All is Vanity’.

Having read this verse, I started to wonder what do I do about it all? After all, nothing made sense anymore, so where do I get started with ‘living’ my life? What was I supposed to do when everything in the world was pointless?  Was there even any point in continuing a pointless existence?


Given that I have a tendency to overthink and obsess over everything, I started to wonder how it all fit together.

Clearly, there had to be a way that all of these things ‘fit’ together to form the bigger picture. I found it rather absurd that I would just be born to die, without any real reward to get out of it all.

Despite the absurd nature of this, I wanted to believe that this ‘reward’ did exist in life. I wasn’t going to cave in that easily. After a great deal of overthinking about it all, I began to see a certain pattern in life.

It was this pattern that made me realize the true nature of the reward in life. Looking at this pattern made me realize that there was a reward in life after all …

Want to know what it was?



That’s it.

Life WAS the reward. Rather than there being some sort of a mystical ‘something’ being the ‘reward’ of life, the reality is that life was its own reward.


So how did I end up with this conclusion about what the reward was?

Well, I started to think about all of the other dots that made up life and the way they fit together.

I had already figured out that there was no ‘making it’ in life, because the only thing that existed at the end of the ‘making it’ was either more work or a drug addiction/overdose.

And I also knew that life had a multitude of different experiences, ranging from the trivial to the magical. These things happened to be everything from a simple pigeon sitting on a window sill to something as amazing as becoming a parent.

Plus, there were all of the other things that I had figured out about life, all of which have their own separate articles on

When I started to add up all of these elements together, I realized that although life didn’t have any real reward at the end of the journey, it did offer ‘rewards’ every step along the way. In other words, you had rewards every step along the way, all the way until the end, in the form of experiences.

Collectively, you could say that life was a collection of experiences unto itself, thereby making life itself the reward.

Did I make sense to you?

If it didn’t, read the above a few times and you will get it. It may be a little confusing and twisted, but it’s the truth.


What it all comes down to is that there is no such thing as a great reward in life.

If anything, LIFE IS THE REWARD.

All of the many experiences, events, celebrations, people, things, joys, sorrows, trials, tribulations, victories and just about everything in between IS THE REWARD.

There is no such thing as ‘you do this and you earn this reward’ in life. While it is certainly a part of the equation, it isn’t the entirety of it. There is no ‘ultimate’ reward in life, if that is what you are busy looking for. It doesn’t exist and you’re a fool if that is what you are busy spending all of your precious time on.

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