The Monotonous Nature of Everybody’s Lives

Most people live their lives in a completely disconnected from everyone else.

When I say here ‘disconnected from everyone else’, what I mean by this is that we have absolutely no idea about the lives of other people. On the contrary, what we do have are just ‘ideas’ about how other people are living their lives, based on which we start judging your own.

If we were to have a more honest look into the lives of everyone, we would at least be able to understand how life actually worked for most people.


To begin with, let’s take a look at the popular notion about how people live their lives.

Most of the people, at least in the average ‘common-man’ class of society anyway, are living under the notion that they alone are having crappy lives, while everyone else are living the dream.

They really believe that they have been dealt a bad hand in life, even though they have been blessed more than most people around them. Even if they haven’t been given the world on a golden platter, they are at least well provided for in life, in terms of basic necessities.

In addition to this, they also believe that ‘other people’, which is a vague term for just about everyone else they know in their personal lives, are living amazing, enviable and phenomenal lives.


The reality however, is a far cry from this delusion.

The reality is that everyone’s life is more or less exactly like the lives of everyone else, which is to say, characterized by boredom, hardship and monotony.

This is not to say that everyone is suffering in misery and poverty, but rather to say that their lives are not the fantasy wonderland that you would think it is.

The fact is that for most people, life is a grind and generally sucks. It isn’t something that they look forward to experiencing everyday but they do anyway, because, well, what is the alternative? Suicide?

I should also add over here that not everyone lives this way. On the contrary, there are plenty of people in the world who live phenomenal lives that are truly worth living. But that’s a completely different story, which I will explain very shortly.


What are the consequences of this delusion?


Lots and lots of discontentment.

If and when a person has the notion that he alone is living a crappy life and that everyone else are living the dream, the end result is obvious, which is to say, they become discontented with their every life.

And the sad thing is that even if and when they do get the things that they had always wanted, they will still remain miserable due to the false notion that they believe in …

The end result of it all is that even if your lives are generally good, we use the lives of other people as a benchmark to compare your own. And when it comes to benchmark, the mind is rather messed up in the way it takes in only the bad and ignores the good; this is the reason you are faster to complain than be thankful in life.

Ultimately, we start believing that we are living the worst life imaginable and that we have been deprived of much in life.

No contentment.

No happiness.

No thankful.

Just plain bitching and whining about how oppressed you are and how you have been dealt a bad hand in life.


So why is everyone walking about in this delusional state?


Mass media … Social media … And just about everything else in between …

You cannot possibly ingest that much of digital heroin and still remain sane. In fact, people who use social media in their lives are on average more miserable, than other people.



When you have people constantly flashing their lives in front of you and have updates notifying you about your Facebook friend’s latest visit to a foreign country, you start to think that that’s how everyone else’s lives are.

As much as it would be fantastic to believe that this is how most people live their lives, the reality is that most people are actually living a life that is more or less as boring and pointless as the one you are currently living. Sure, the details may vary a little bit here and there. At the same time however, the big picture remains more or less the same.

Do you know what most people do with their lives? The exact thing that you do; wake up, brush teeth, take a dump, take bath, eat breakfast, work a job (which they usually hate), spend some time chitchatting with coworkers, come back home to spend time with family, watch TV, browse social media, have sex with their partner if they have one, sleep. On Sundays, holidays and vacations, they may go to a nearby destination or perhaps watch TV. And that’s about it. They do that for decades and then they retire, only to engage in more of the monotony until they finally kick the bucket … it’s not really the most idealistic perception of everybody’s lives but that’s how most people live their day to day existence.

But your mind doesn’t register this fact, because most people don’t show how they live their everyday lives. On the contrary, what they do show are snapshots of a few amazing things that they did here and there. If everyone were to truly show how they lived their live, we wouldn’t be so miserable with your own, but rather remain content with what we have.


There is one exception that I would like to add here.

The exception is that not everyone is living a life of boredom and monotony. On the contrary, there are certainly plenty of people in the world who are truly living amazing and phenomenal lives. But for the most part, they happen to be the minority of the world’s population, rather than the majority.

In addition to this, it should also be added that these people didn’t ‘inherit’ their current lives for the most part. Other than a few people who managed to be born into privilege and wealth, the majority actually built up the lives that they are living now.

In other words, they created their fantasy wonderlands, rather than their lives being so per se to begin with, which is something that you can do as well. If you really want to live an amazing and phenomenal life, then simply figure out what you want and a way to get it, and then start chasing your dream. The whole thing might take you a couple of years, but the fact is that you can live the life of your dreams, if you are willing to put in the work for it.


As a whole, you will benefit greatly if you can purge from your mindset the notion that you alone are living a crappy life while everyone else are living the dream.

The fact is that most people are living a boring and monotonous life, just like everyone else. The ones who are actually living the dream are able to do so, because they worked for it for the most part.

With regard to that, just figure out what you want, find a way to get it and never stop chasing the goal until you get it!

Good Luck!

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