Never Have Too Much Attachment to Physical Posessions

We live in a materialistic society.

This is something of a cliche that we have all probably come across multiple times in our lives.

Many people are even turned off by the idea and think that this is some subtle way of preaching communist values.

However, the fact is that the age we live in is a consumerist and materialistic one.

That materialism is important is not something to debate.

Unless you have a desire for third-world poverty, you will agree that materialism is awesome. It gives us all the comforts of modern living and keeps the sufferings of deprivation and lack at bay.

However, you have to ask yourself if your quest for materialism will fetch you anything in the long run. I mean, HONESTLY, what do you intend to do with all that hoard in life anyway?

Sure, you want to live a great life. I understand that. I want to live a great life to. I want to have all the material abundance in life that could possibly be enjoyed. But at the same time, I don’t think that materialism unto itself is going to fetch you much in life beyond a certain point.

On the contrary, you could say that chasing materialism in life will eventually come to a stage in everyone’s life where you hit the point of diminishing returns.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that materialism is certainly important, but at the same time, isn’t something that will make you happy beyond a certain point. The real extent to which materialism is important in life, is for living a comfortable life and ensuring that you have a safe and secure existence. In other words, as long as you are able to get everything you need in terms of basic survival and then some (for all your assorted adventures and shenanigans), materialism will fetch you nothing in life.

Ever wondered why the rich keep hoarding material stuff in life, even after getting everything that could possibly be necessary for their survival, for multiple generations?

It is this.

They are trying to fill a hole in their life through material means, when in fact, it is simply impossible, because you cannot satisfy the spirit with material stuff. The animal needs materialism, not the spirit. You can dump all the wealth of the world and the spirit will remain restless. You can only fulfill the spirit with things beyond the materialistic chase that everyone engages in …

The spirit on the other hand wants other things like humanity, purpose, family, friends, God, etc. To the spirit, the material world is about as important as plastic to the earth.


Having said the above, you have to now confront another truth about life, which is your own mortality.

Are you immortal?

Are you going to live forever?

Are you so deluded by the shiny lights of advertising and television, that you have actually started to believe that you will live forever?


We all are.

We all are very much distracted in our everyday lives, to the point where we have started to become zombies, often quite literally. Ever seen a smartphone zombie dragging itself on the street? Are you one of them?

Regardless of how much you have been convinced by modernization, here is a bit of truth which you must acknowledge in life about life. You are slowly dying in life, at the rate of ONE second at a time.

Know how much time you really have?

About 20,000 days.

You live for about 20,000 days and then you die.

That’s it.

You are gone.

Don’t believe me?

Do the math and see the number of years you end up with. You will get the approximate human lifespan.

So yes, you are going to die eventually. And don’t let the idea of 20,000 days scare the living daylights out of you because that’s still a long time away.


But the truth is that you are going to die …

So then, if you are going to die, what will happen to all that materialism that you have hoarded?

Do you think that you will be able to take it with you when you finally croak? Or do you think that it will remain here on earth while you head for the beyond?

Do you see what I am getting at over here?


What it all comes down to is this …

The fact is that no matter how much you may be able to accumulate in life, you will be leaving everything here when you die.

You were born with nothing and will die with nothing.

It sounds rather cruel but that’s the truth. You can work your entire life away and create a massive empire. But the fact is that your empire will remain behind when you die, for death allows only the spirit to leave the earth and that’s it. Even your body will remain on the planet, so can probably understand what I am getting at …

When you first come across this, you will probably be either in denial or upset over the whole thing. But the truth is the truth, and pretending that it isn’t will not solve the problem in any way. On the contrary, the constant internal nagging that you get from within is only going to torture you more until you finally accept reality and move forward in life.


So how do you accept reality?

Read the title.

Learn to never have too much attachment to physical possessions in life. It is not something you really need in life beyond a certain point.

And before you get confused, NO, this is NOT a preaching of the beauty and nobility in poverty.



What you will need to do is to simply understand the purpose of materialism and limit it to the extent that it serves the purpose that it was intended for. The purpose I am referring to here is allowing you to live a comfortable life and that’s it.

Chase materialism until this point and you will be content and happy in life. Try to cross the limit and start hoarding, and you will end up with a disaster on your hand … You’ll be filthy, cluttered, frustrated, angry and just plain miserable in life. Ever wondered why people feel happy when they get rid of junk in life? This is why …

Beyond this point, you must give up your confusing desires for fulfillment and abandon all pursuits of materialism. Instead, search for something feeds the soul; like humanity, purpose, family, friends, God, etc.


In all, realize the purpose of materialism in life, draw a line right there and make sure that you don’t cross it under any circumstance.

Beyond this line, your focus, if you want to be happy and fulfilled in life, should be aimed towards advancing the spirit and nothing more.

Good Luck!

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