You Will Never be Happy in the Moment

A lot that has been told over the ages, about finding happiness and that we should be living ‘in the present’ or ‘in the moment’.

It is actually the exact opposite of how people usually live their lives, wherein they are constantly yearning for some fantasyland in the future, while failing to enjoy what exists now.

This is something we all have heard about, but not something that we have internalized and practiced.


I am certainly guilty of it.

For years of my life, I failed to live ‘in the present’ or ‘in the moment’, regardless of how good the situation was. I was always fantasizing about how my future would be, rather than making the present work for me to build a better future.


Well, there are many reasons why I did this, which I am sure happen to be the exact or at least the almost-exact reason why others are doing this as well.

I started wondering about why I was doing this in my life.

Why is it that I was doing this to myself?

Did it have something to do with ungratefulness? Or was it that I didn’t understand something about life?

The truth is that it was nothing like that … I was in fact merely doing the same thing that most of the other people were also doing! It isn’t really that discussed about, which is the reason most people don’t really acknowledge it in the first place …

It wasn’t really an ‘economic’ or ‘social’ thing either, in the sense that I was upset over the lack of ‘money’ or ‘social status’ or something like that. I am sure that they had their role.

It was at this time that I realized a fundamental truth about human nature, which was that we are never happy in the moment …

Read that again.


Let that sink into the very depth of your existence.

You will never be able to find happiness in life ‘in the moment’ no matter how hard you try. Even if you had everything in the world that is amazing and wonderful, you are still going to be unhappy in the moment.

It’s not really something unique to you. It is just a problem faced by all of humanity without any exceptions; anyone claiming that they’re an ‘exception’ to this fact either don’t realize it, or are straight up liars.



There is actually a reason why it happens …

… and it isn’t because you’re an inherently bad human.

It is because you just haven’t realized two important facts, namely,


1.) Life will always be having more to offer

The nature of life is that of abundance …

Life has an abundance of just about everything; from people and experiences to places and more.

It is not that life has an upper limit on what is possible; other than maybe whatever laws govern the universe.

Therefore, even if you manage to accomplish a lot of different things, there will still be a nagging sense of emptiness lurking at the corner of your soul because of life’s endless possibilities. And those possibilities don’t really have an end to it.


2.) The nature of the human condition

Another important thing that a lot of people are clueless about is the true nature of human existence, which is that we are not entirely free from the animal condition. We humans aren’t really the ‘advanced’ and ‘modern’ creatures that we so arrogantly claim to be.

On the contrary, there is actually an abundance of animalistic impulses within us, simply because of the fact that we happen to be animals; Animals that use smartphones and social media … but animals regardless …

The animalistic impulse which I am referring to here, is one which has to do with survival. All animals are designed for survival, meaning that they are always instinctively seeking out the means to ensure their existence.

It is here where everything else will come to an end; animals are not really programmed for anything other than survival and reproduction; give them everything they need and well, what you are going to get is a very frustrated animal, simply because you have completed its survival mechanism and as a result, short-circuited its programming; there is nothing else for it to seek out in life, other than perhaps a mate and creating the next generation.

What this means in the case of humans is that the animal impulse to survive makes it very difficult for people to find contentment in life. This will actually make sense when you think about it; what other animal has enough brain power to understand what it has in life? None, other than perhaps some of the higher apes …

This means that at our default animal-level of existence, we are never really going to be able to find contentment in life, simply because we don’t have the biological programming for it. We don’t even acknowledge the things we have because of our animal nature.

About the only time that we realize the things we have in life is ‘if’ or ‘when’ we lose that which we have, whether it is temporarily or permanently. The quote, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone … ”, for a reason …

We do have the ability of acknowledging things but that is a higher thought process. At the basic animal level, this doesn’t really exist.



What does this mean for you?

It means that you should stop being so miserable about life and desperate to ‘make it’ in life, which incidentally happens to have another article dedicated to it …

Understand that it simply doesn’t exist and move forward. About the only real ‘making it’ in life that exists, is the acknowledgement that everything is perfect right now.

Did you catch it?

The only real ‘making it’ in life is the acknowledgement that …


Does it sound like heresy to you?

Is that hard to believe?

It certainly feels that way, given how we have been programmed our entire life.

But at the same time, there is no other way to define ‘making it’ in life, other than  acknowledging whatever it is that you have now and being done with …

If you still aren’t convinced about this, take a look at the fate of people who cannot accept this fact. They quite literally end up killing themselves because of being unable to ‘make it’ in life … That’s the fate which awaits everyone in the world, who refuse to accept this fact; the fact that it is impossible to ‘make it’ in life.


So what do you do about this?

There are two things that you have to do in life, namely,

… Understand that you are really just an animal … which in turn means that you are genetically programmed to be ungrateful in life …

… and …

… acknowledge what you have in life and be content and happy about it.

That’s it.

End of story.

If you try to cross this line of contentment and happiness over that contentment, you are going to end up being miserable in life and will probably end up killing yourself with drugs …


As a whole, acknowledge the fact that you are never going to be happy in the moment …

… be content in life …

… and find happiness in that contentment!


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