Make the Best Use of All That You Have Right Now

“What do I do with my life?”

How many times have you asked yourself that exact question?

More times than you can imagine?

What happened after you asked yourself this very question? Did you get something useful out of it or was it all just a gigantic waste of time for you?


I don’t know about you.

But what I found out was that in my own case, asking these questions turned out to be one gigantic waste of my time.


I never got anything out of it.

That is, of course, if you count out all the emotional self-abuse and psychological torture I put myself through trying to answer this very question. I am not sure how many hours I have sat down trying to figure this out, but what I can tell you is that it was all a major waste of time.

And I am rather disappointed over not getting the right answer. In a way, that unto itself led me to an answer which isn’t perfect by itself but is rather something close to it.

The really sad part is that despite all this ‘experience’ with the existential, I never really learned my lesson … I just continued to focus on the existential insanity, even after realizing that there wasn’t anything productive I was getting from it all.


Even though digging for answers about the existential was largely fruitless, I did get one little piece of wisdom along the way …

Being unable to make anything of it, I settled on the only thing I could control…



Simply put, I stopped asking nagging questions about the existential.

I realized that nothing worthwhile was coming from trying to ‘figure things out’. You could even go so far as to say that I ended up much worse off than before.


It’s very simple when you think about it.

You cannot focus on two things in life simultaneously; multitasking is a myth (yes, it doesn’t exist). And when you are so busy focusing on your existential nonsense, you will end up ignoring everything else in life. You cannot build your career and decrypt useless philosophical questions at the same time. That’s not the way life works.


Coming to the question of the ‘Now’ …

Why is it important to make the best use of what you have now?

The answer to this is quite simple.

You don’t really know what exactly life has in store for you, just around the corner … In fact, nothing is guaranteed about the future.

Think about it.

What is actually guaranteed for you in your life?

The coming decade?

The next year?

The next month?

The next week?

The next day?

The next hour?

… Or for that matter the next moment?

So how is it even possible to ‘worry’ about doing something in life, if that isn’t really guaranteed to begin with?

Given that this is how life is, you’ll be left with just a single option in life and that’s it.

Work with what you have right now and in the ‘now’. Since everything is the ‘now’, you are going to be much better off trying to work with what you have, rather than having confusion about the near future, for that is to a very large extent what people mean whenever they tell you that they are ‘confused in life’ …

They are not really confused in the ‘now’; after all, what is there to be confused about?

You are here and here is now …

and now is everything …

and well, what is so confusing about that?

Sure, they might tell you that they are confused about what to do, but that is again something that has an orientation towards the future, rather than towards one’s present.


So how do you get started with doing this?

It is very simple thing to do.

The first thing you will need to do is eliminate your focus on the existential. There is nothing worthwhile you can get from it, other than utilizing the knowledge about its existence to motivate yourself to achieve your goals. I will be making another post on this topic very soon, so stay tuned …

Anyway, upon clearing your mind of all the existential garbage, the next thing would be to get a pen and some doodle paper. Get those two and start making a list of all that is falling apart in your life and for that matter, anything else you feel has to be completed in your life.

After you are done with making this list, get started on prioritizing your goals, based on their urgency.


Have you finished the above mentioned steps?


A Hearty Congratulations to you my friend!

What you have in front of you is the potential beginning of your new life. Should you be willing to accept the list, you will be able to finally escape from your existential pit and begin making progress in life.

So, get started working on that list immediately, live in the ‘Now’ and forget about everything else …

Or you can continue to wallow in the existential pit, wasting away all your life until the day you die.

Either way, it’s your choice.

Good luck!

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