The Power of Habit to Keep Existentialism at Bay

Are you being haunted by your existentialism every single day?

Are you wondering what you should do in your life and wasting away your life in the process?


Suffering an existential crisis or even staring at a haze isn’t really a nice place to be in.

Even if it doesn’t kill you … that is, if you count out all the drugs that people use to kill themselves because they see no point in being alive anymore … but the fact is that you are still going to be torturing yourself and searching for something that can’t be found, or for that matter, even probably exists at all!


It is here that the concept of habits comes into the picture.

And by habit, what I am referring to are the things in life that you do on a regular basis like clockwork; this can include just about everything you could possibly do everyday, be it brushing your teeth, lifting weights, blogging, getting dressed for work, eating dinner, writing down your daily logs or diary entry, etc.

What I realized was that habits have an almost magical ability to keep your existential crisis away, or at least under control.

Furthermore, it seems like this is something that applies equally well to all degrees of existentialism, whether it is just a random case of being confused or a full-blown midlife crisis …


How or why does it work?

It is actually very simple when you think about it.

You only get to experience the existential haze whenever you don’t have something to do. The more idle your mind is, the more you will end up staring at the haze, wondering what you should do.

Habits have a tendency of constantly dumping work in front of your doorstep. It may be something as mundane as brushing your teeth or keeping your desk clean from yesterday’s potato chips … However, the reality is that habits are going to keep your mind too busy to pay any attention to the haze.

What is going to happen instead when you live a habitual life, is that you are going to get stuck into a routine and as a result become too busy to pay any attention to the haze.


I am sure that there will be people protesting against this idea.

They are of the opinion that if you get stuck into a routine, the only thing you are going to do is indulge in a form of escapism. This in turn will make people never want to deal with their existentialism whatsoever.

If you are one of them, you are absolutely right … to a certain extent …

It is indeed true that plenty of people engross themselves with the mundane just to run away from the existential. Should they keep up this habit (funny how that works … ), they are going to run themselves into the ground sooner or later by wasting away their life rather than face answering the difficult questions.

In this regard, it is very much true that living a lifestyle that in a routine manner is going to run you into the ground. This is something that I am very much against and advice you not to indulge in at any cost. If you are doing this to yourself, I strongly advice you to stop doing it and start focusing on the existential; get those doubts in your head sorted out right now!


Having mentioned that, here is the real point that I am trying to make …

There is a certain category of the existential that keeps haunting you no matter how much you try to make it go away. It is the existential that has no real solution for. It is the kind of existential that pesters you into answering stupid questions like …

“What’s the point of it all!?”


“Does the universe have an end?”


“What is the meaning of life?”

Trying to answer these questions is a fool’s errand because there is no point searching for an answer. For one thing, the answer probably doesn’t exist. And even if it does, what’s the point of knowing it? Incidentally, I have made another post which mentions this very problem.

When I told you that habits can keep the existential nonsense at bay, I was referring to these pieces of trash that keep nagging at your mind’s front door. If you happen to live a very busy life, it is simply impossible for you to get dragged into an existential pit.


So how do you go about doing this?

Start living a disciplined life and never look back.

Fix up timings for everything that you do in day-to-day life, even if it happens to be the most mundane things. Even if it is something rather ‘meh’ like brushing your teeth (which you should do regularly, by the way … ), take it with the level of seriousness that you would if you were running from a pack of rabid werewolves.

Does that sound silly?

Who cares!

Whatever works goes for me!

It’s actually a whole lot better than wasting my time and torturing myself, trying to answer questions that probably don’t have an answer to begin with!


As a whole, keep in mind that you can keep the existential nonsense at bay if you inculcate habits to follow every single day.

Don’t bother if it sounds silly.

Do it anyway!

It works like magic.

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