A Lesson I Learnt From Calvin & Hobbes


I am a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes.

I have been reading the comic strip for possibly more than 10+ years now.

It’s about the life of a kid and his stuffed tiger, whom he imagines is real and alive. The cartoonist behind the strip is a guy named Bill Watterson.


The first time I came across the strip was through my uncle, who incidentally, was also a fan. I still remember the title of the first book I read, which was, ‘Yukon Ho! ’.

After I first read the comic strip, I was immediately hooked. What got me attracted to it was that it greatly reminded me of my own childhood, when life was pretty much carefree. Of course, it wasn’t that I was burdened at the age of around 14 when I found the comic, but I still had to worry about my upcoming board exams and later to find a good college and so on.

However, I was only reading the comic for leisure and never considered it to be of use in any other way.


But off lately, one piece of wisdom from the comic strip has stuck to me.

It is a quote which goes along the lines of,

There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do.”

When I first came across it, it didn’t make any sense. But after spending some time to think about it, I realized what it was trying to convey.


What the author meant by this statement was that the life we have is finite.

Due to this finite nature of life on this planet, there is an upper limit on the amount of things we can accomplish.

Therefore, wasteful activities, as abundant and various as they are, if given a chance, will eat up all of our waking hours and leave us with very little time to do the things that truly matter.


This observation by the author is especially significant considering how most people live their lives.

Too many people live their lives as if they will live forever. While that might be true from a spiritual point of view, the life that we have now is certainly limited.

Therefore, it’s important that one cuts back on the time-wasting activities in order to achieve anything in life.


In all,

You needn’t stop having fun or spend some time every now and then on leisure and nonsense.

But make sure that you spend a majority of your time doing the things that truly matter…

…unless you want to watch your whole life disappear right before your eyes.



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