One Mission In Life That You Would Love To Take Up!


Viktor Frankl had explained that man needed a constant state of tension or in other words, to keep chasing a goal in life at all times.

He explained through his own personal experiences at the concentration camps, how one simply lost the will to stay alive as a result of not having a mission or a purpose to live for.

Also, I had already talked about a mission in life which all of us could and should take up, which was to get married and have children.

In addition to the above mission in life, I’ll let you in on another one which I’m sure you will love.


Want to know what this mission is?

It’s in fact something that you’ll probably approve of much more than starting a family. While I don’t exactly approve of it, this will most likely be the case.

The mission is simple.

Ready for it?

Here you go!!!

“Create a lifetime of financial freedom to such an extent, you don’t ever have to submit to employment again!”

In other words,



Isn’t this mission awesome?!

What could be better than that, with the exception of having a family and raising children?

Apart from family, I’m sure that this is one mission in life that all of us would love to have.

After all, who would want to be a wage slave until retirement?

Certainly not me. I’m sure that if people had the option to free themselves of wage slavery today, they would do it in a heartbeat! Most people actively hate their jobs and if they could swap it for more time with family and friends, they would happily do it.



All of it sounds nice and good.

But how does one go about it?


I won’t explain everything to you here as they are topics unto themselves. Instead, I’ll give you the basic ideas behind this, which you can use as a starting point.

The solution has two parts to it:

1.) Stop Trading Time For Money

2.) Build Passive Income Streams


1.) Stop Trading Time For Money:

In simple language, it means that you’ll need to stop being an employee.

This is important as if you are working as an employee, what you are doing is trading time for money. The problem with this is that you are limited in the amount of time that you can trade. After all, you can’t work beyond 16-18 hours a day. Even if you did, you can only work for 24 hours before the lack of sleep kills you.

Also, you get paid once a month, usually with a fixed amount of money, both of which makes things even harder.

Ultimately, you’ll never be able to accumulate sufficient funds in the long run.

So what is the alternative?

The alternative is to start creating businesses. The advantage of starting a business is that you’ll can make money faster, since your time has now been decoupled from your finances.

In other words, you’ll need to begin trading value for money.

The amount of money you can make is only limited by the amount of value that you are offering; in other words, whether you sell a pen or a slice of real estate is upto you.


2.) Build Passive Income Streams:

This means that you’ll need to create systems that make money, even when you aren’t working. A good example of it are rental properties where the rent flows in month after month, whether you work or not.

This is especially important as you’ll never know when you may need to stop working. After all, you can’t work all your life.

There will come a time sooner or later, when you’ll have to stop working due to health issues or something else.

Therefore, it’s important that you have systems making you money if and when you are out of commission.


One last word of advice regarding these two suggestions is that you’ll not get any results immediately.

It’ll take a long time so if you are expecting instant results, you are out of luck. However, if you are ready to accept it and move ahead, financial freedom is yours for the taking!

Ultimately, all of the above is just a rough idea about how the whole concept works. You’ll need to start doing your own research to understand things better.



In all,

This is one mission in life that I doubt anyone would refuse to take up.

If anything, people would be more than happy to embrace it.

Whether they follow through with it or not is a different story…

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