The Importance Of Tying Up Loose Ends


Have you ever heard of that old expression, ‘tying up loose ends’?

Do you know what it means?

In the simplest of explanations, it means to finish incomplete tasks or to do some damage control before things go out of hand.


I can’t emphasize on how important this is and how it can affect you in unexpected ways.

Why is this important?

It is because having loose ends in life is like sitting on a time bomb; you have no idea when it is going to go off!

And when it does go off, you’ll be left in such a state of chaos that you won’t be able to fix things up. On top of that, your life keeps moving forward, bringing with it new challenges to take care of.

Can you imagine how all of this is going to affect you?

In other words, think of the situation like an avalanche of pending work, where one wrong turn of events can bury you alive.


Let me give you an example of loose ends.

When I was in my 12th grade, I never paid any real interest in my education. I pretty much goofed off and had the attitude of total apathy and carelessness. Naturally, this became apparent on my report card where I ended up getting terrible results.

When I say terrible, I do mean terrible. I got a very bad score due to my lack of effort in my exams. And to make things worse, I failed in two important subjects; Mathematics and Chemistry.

However, the good news was that I had passed the exam. The examination board required that I clear a certain number of subjects to be eligible to get a pass certificate, which I did. However, the two failed subjects became a black mark on my report card, as it had given the indication that I didn’t make it through.

Now, I could have left things as such and moved on towards my future aspirations. While I did begin working on my career, I didn’t want to leave these two failed exams behind. So, I applied for a supplementary examination, which I wrote the subsequent year.

I can’t say that I am proud of the effort I put for my supplementary examination (for example, I was playing Quake 4 the day before the exams) or the results I got. But I am proud that I didn’t leave those two loose ends waiting around and haunting my career until the end.

I didn’t know much at that age (I was 17+) to understand that our actions would have consequences. However, I did have a nagging feeling that I had to make things right or I’ll be in deep trouble in the future.

Surely enough, it wasn’t long before those two black marks became an issue whenever I had to show my performance; be it for academics or a job interview. Luckily, I have an additional marks card and pass certificate for those two subjects which help me to dodge these sticky situations.


So how do you tie up loose ends?

It is a bit more complicated than you would expect. It’s not something that can be done at a moment’s notice.

First, you’ll need to deal with the issue of locating those loose ends. It’s not like they are in plain sight that you can just grab them outright and begin straightening things out. On the contrary, the reality is that you’ll probably need to do some digging first before the repairs can start.

Therefore, you need to start by doing a little introspect into your past and see where you’ve gone wrong. This is going to be a painstaking process, as you’ll need to go through a whole lot of investigation.

Then again, a lot of these things are in plain sight, which you’ve never bothered to fix for one reason or another.

After you are done with identifying these loose ends, get busy fixing them as soon as you can. Don’t allow anything to remain pending as you’ll never know when it’s going to come back and haunt you.


While this isn’t something that deals with confusion about your future, it has everything to do with gaining mental clarity in life.

It’s only when you feel free of past headaches that you can get the peace of mind to deal with your problems.

On the other hand, if you don’t bother to take care of past issues, you’ll end up becoming far more confused, should the past come back and haunt you.


In all,

Make sure that in addition to planning out your life and working towards your future, you don’t neglect past issues.

More often than not, the past catches up with us one way or another when we least expect it.

Unless you want such a surprise waiting around the corner, start figuring out the loose ends in your life and begin tying them up.

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