How Do I Find My Place In Life?


There is an interesting dilemma that I’ve seen in some lost souls.

They have a mindset that makes them believe in a higher and more important purpose. At the same time however, they are unable to figure out what it is.

There is a big difference that you can observe between these people and those who are lost ‘in general’.

These people firmly believe in a higher purpose but at the same time are unable to figure out what it is. The ‘in general’ crowd on the other hand have no real aim in life and are just wondering how to pass time (as in their ‘lifetime’; not a few hours here and there).


I have gone through both the stages in life.

I started out being generally confused about what to do but things changed as time passed by. As I began to learn more about the world around me and began to connect the dots, I acquired what you can call ‘maturity’.

With this new-found ‘maturity’, I realized that there was more to life than just aimlessly wandering around. I began to BELIEVE that I had a far more important purpose in life than just while away time.

But finding this ‘purpose’ turned out to be harder than I expected. Having CONVINCED myself of a higher meaning, I went crazy trying to get an answer. I literally spent weeks trying to piece together everything and get something conclusive.

Alas, I never found it…

…Because what I realized was that one’s ‘place’ in life isn’t really something set in stone. It was arbitrary and vague to accurately pinpoint what it was.


In other words, it is such a stupid thing when you think about it.

I mean, really…

  • How in the world can you ‘find’ your place in life?
  • What is the ‘indication’ of your place in life?
  • What are the characteristics?
  • What defines the whole charade?
  • Who is the one setting the guidelines?
  • And who gave that someone the authority to do so?
  • And who is the one that authorized that authority?
  • Etc…

I think you get where I’m going here.

The fact is that people have it all mixed up. The truth, I believe, is that EVERYONE have a place in life. I find it offensive and stupid to think that we must live aimlessly for decades, only to have our story ended in the blink of an eye.


So how do you find your place in life?




It’s all upto you.

There isn’t any PARTICULAR place that you are supposed to be in life. But at the same time, that doesn’t mean that you have NO place in life.

This might come as a shocker as a lot of people have the delusion that our purpose is like a lost Mayan pyramid, hidden deep in the jungle. They believe that if they can just slash and burn through the underbrush long enough, they’ll finally ‘find their place’ in life.

The truth goes more along the lines of this…

The pyramid you are searching for doesn’t exist. You can burn down the whole jungle if you want to, but YOU WILL NOT FIND ANYTHING. The pyramid is just a MYTH and nothing more.


So if you really want to find your place in life…

Stop SEARCHING for it and start BUILDING it.

Find a suitable patch of jungle, burn it down and get started with building your own pyramid…

…Because that’s the only way you’ll ever ‘find your place’ in life.



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